Making I.T Work 

For your Taxi/Cab Business


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Customer & Driver Apps

Powerful UBER-like iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad) and Android Customer and Driver App, with real-time SMS updates and live link to the Website and Despatch System.

Allows instant messaging with the customer, automatic billing, PayPal, Credit Card and Cash payments, Discount Vouchers, Instant-Chat, Ratings, Wallet feature and more.

Your Website

Responsive website with your logo, fully integrated with a Despatch System, Customer App and Driver App, to give you real-time management and control of bookings, drivers, vehicles and auto-invoicing/billing.

Offer your customers the ability to book from any device: PC, Mac, Laptop, tablet or Mobile Smartphone, 24x7, easily and efficiently.

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Integrated Despatch System

Add drivers, vehicles, licenses, documents, CV's, profile photos, DBS Check and full driver credentials. 

Set-up pay rates or commissions, charge rates and Discount Vouchers.

Take instant telephone bookings that send SMS confirmations and live driver location map to the customer without the need for them to download the Customer App straight away.

Manage e-mails, performance metrics, delays, automatic allocation, ETA, SOS, driver accounts, document management, transaction management, website content changes, social media links and more.

See "Heat Maps" of the busiest areas for  planning of driver allocation and demand.

See all your drivers live on a master map.

Manage duty rosters, absences and delays.

Powerful Real-time Reporting

Check all your business and driver performance metrics in real-time.

Reports include revenue, usage, driver ratings (ranked in order of best drivers), customer ratings/feedback, customer messages, complaints and more.

Keep the finger on the pulse of your business as it happens.

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